My League Pass Six Pack: Sacramento Kings.

sactown kings

The Kings? Why would anyone want to watch a team full of head cases and little defense? Is it the last season in Sacramento? Will the Maloofs pawn off the scoreboard?

I say, why wouldn’t you want to watch this? The Kings are an eclectic mix of brash personalities and unique games. Some nice pieces, yet none of them seem to match. You have offensive players such as DeMarcus Cousins and Marcus Thornton who do not seem to be nearly as effective as their skills hint they should be. Shouldn’t Cousins be shooting at a higher rate than 47% given his decent stroke from the free throw line at 73%? The Kings are  the second least effective defense in basketball which always makes for an up-and-down game with little to disrupt the stars from getting theirs  (and me entertained). Plus, with a west coast start time, why not get some late night laughs from Cousins antics.

Reasons To Watch

Demarcus Cousins

Despite his limitations with body language and authority, DeMarcus Cousins is a man in the paint. He has some of the most natural post moves and beautiful footwork to match. He looks to get teammates involved, but sometimes looks to make the pretty pass instead of the right one. Yes, he does let his emotions get the best of him and it has cost his team a few victories and his coaches plenty of headaches, but the talent is undeniable and I can only hope he finally gets IT before it’s too late. With the big man dying in the NBA and friendships galore, Cousins is a refreshing homage to the nasty nineties when fouls were hard and the talk was worse.

Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans. Solo.

These two love going iso. With one of the lowest assist rates in the league. It gets comical watching the other Kings stand around in disbelief or awe as Evans and Thornton proceed to clear out and go solo. While they are both potent drivers who can always get their own, they don’t tend to make others better. Evans is in a contract year and has declined every year since his rookie campaign. The likelihood of retaining Tyreke should be slim but it is Sacramento where Francisco Garcia was worth $23.2 million.


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