Warriors debut new uniforms in win against the Spurs.

Warriors debut new uniforms in win against the Spurs.

Mustard. Thats all I could think of. The pinstripe shorts did not help, but the new short-sleeved tops made their debut for the Warriors tonight as they pulled out an overtime victory against the Spurs. Jarrett Jack must like mustard on his hot dog because he went off in the yellow duds. He notched 30 points of 50% shooting along with 10 dimes. He also closed out the game with a dagger in the waining seconds. Check out this quick recap of the game via NBA.com.

The jerseys are a new Adidas effort to produce a lighter, new look for the modern player (and sell more for street-wear, let’s be honest). It seems to be an effort to move the uniforms into the direction of soccer kits. With advertisement space soon to come on the uniforms, the new cut of uniform is an effort to make more room for companies (literally). Nike experimented with long sleeve uniform options in their system of dress collection offered to select “elite” schools a few years ago. With the prices advertising is fetching in the Champions Leagues and lower is eye catching with Qatar Foundation recently reaching a 125 million euro for a 5 year deal with powerhouse Barcelona FC. The details of advertising on NBA uniforms have not yet been worked out, but one can imagine the prices some of the bigger market teams could fetch on the open market. Companies will line up to put their logo on millions of Americans each year. Until then the Warriors players had nothing negative to say about the tops and their performance. The shorts on the other hand


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