The Mac Is Back: Tracy McGrady Signs With The Spurs.


I had to pull out this retro ad because the NBA is “Where amazing happens.” A week before the playoffs the Spurs released Stephen Jackson causing many to wonder just what the front office was thinking. Fear not for R.C. Buford and Pop can do no wrong. It is amazing Tracy McGrady ,fresh of a season in the Chinese Basketball League, has signed with the San Antonio Spurs for the rest of the season.(per Meaning he has a great chance of making it to the second round of the playoffs, which would mark the first time in his career for the former scoring champ. McGrady missed Houston’s trip to the second round in 2009 due to injury. T-Mac was a scoring machine and the precursor to Kevin Durant. A genetic lottery winner with handles and the athleticism that is world-class. His peak came in 2002-2003 for Orlando where he averaged 32.1 pt/gm, and was in all of the discussions of who’s league it was post peak Shaq. The Spurs will be McGrady’s 7th team since joining the league fresh out of high school in 1997-1998. Throughout his career there were rumors of T-Mac and Duncan uniting, be it in Orlando or San Antonio. With both careers winding down, lets hope the Spurs have a good run in them and T-Mac plays a big role in a game or two. Here is some prime T-Mac for old-times sake.



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