Nike NFL Uniform Overhaul: Dolphins, Jaguars, And Vikings Getting New Duds.

glovesThe Jaguars dropped the ball again, but not in terms of design. Nike hit out of the park with all three makeovers. But Jacksonville media happened to spoil the debuts of the Dolphins and Vikings new uniforms while taking pictures of theirs at Nike headquarters. The Dolphins were to debut their new look to the masses tomorrow and the Vikings on Thursday. The makeovers come a season after Nike assumed the NFL apparel deal and the changes are drastic. The NFL Nike Elite 51  is cutting edge, in terms of the technology included to help and maintain performance. Last season the Seahawks were the only team to give Nike permission to redesign their uniform sets and they looked good cruising to an 11 win season and a trip to the NFC Divisional round. The redesign for the Jaguars is a step in the right direction for new ownership. Shad Kahn is making efforts to make a brand out of the Jaguars, something previous owners did little of. Plans to play in London for the next 4 years have the Jaguars in position to become “London’s first NFL team.” They may not win, but at least they will look good losing.  Once more photos and better images come out for the Dolphins and Vikings, I will do a comparison of each team to last years uniforms. Stay tuned.





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