Overdue Baseball Predictions: AL East Picks


I admit making predictions after having the benefit of watching each team play 20 games is a little unfair. However don’t blame me. I find it hard to write on baseball when there is a half of a foot of snow outside. Blame Colorado. So far this season we have had some moon shot home runs and filthy pitches being dealt. Here is my rundown of the season so far and the picks for the post-season.

AL East


1. Boston Red Sox

After a year in the AL East cellar and a total roster overhaul, the Red Sox were not expected to come out this hot. The Sox seemed to have a ho hum offseason yet find themselves at the top of the AL East after 20 games. Is it sustainable? If they manage to keep Lester and Bucholz healthy they have the best 1-2 punch in the East. The duo has 9 wins so far and Bucholz is having a career year.



2. Toronto Blue Jays

As winners of the Miami Marlin’s fire sale and the R.A. Dickey sweepstakes the Blue Jays have enough talent to win the World Series. Too bad it hasn’t seemed to click north of the border yet. The Jays are a dismal 9-15 right now. I trust that they can rebound from the nasty injury to Jose Reyes and start putting some wins together. I expect them to finish a few games over .500 and be in the thick of things in the crowded wild-card race.


3. Baltimore Orioles

I just don’t trust the Orioles rotation enough to give them the nod over the Blue Jays. The magic of their extra-inning success is finally over and I am expecting the Orioles run to tail off in the near future. Adam Jones and Matt Weiters are two of the games brightest young stars, Manny Machado is on his way. Let’s hope Dillian Bundy elbow is fine because he is worth all the hype.


4. Tampa Bay Rays

Evan Longoria and David Price need help. Price has been struggling all season for the Rays. Longoria has been his usually self, he just needs some help. The offense of the Rays has been stagnant all season and I don’t see a solution outside of Will Myers.


5. New York Yankees

I had the Yanks in the cellar even with Derek Jeter. The fact that captain isn’t coming back until after the All-Star break if at all just makes this a sure bet. With injuries all over the field the Yankees will have a hard time keeping up with the younger teams ahead of them in the rankings. Sabathia has struggled a few times this season and the already thin rotation was counting on him to be his usual self. The Yankees run is finally over.



    • cryansimmons

      Just because I’m in Denver doesn’t mean these predictions were made with PED’s. I made these calls before the season and actually had the Jays winning the division. Too bad they have shit the bed all season. They are bound to start swinging the bats a little better and I don’t see anyone running away with the wild card so they still have time.

      • David Hruska

        I was never impressed by anything they did this offseason. The Jays pitching was and still is completely overrated and their hitting attack, while powerful, does a terrible job of getting on-base. They rank dead last in OBP in the AL and no matter how many homers you hit, that’s just not going to get you very many wins. Going from Farrell to Gibbons at manager was also a huge downgrade because Farrell and his bench coach Brian Butterfield were fantastic at using defensive shifts.

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