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Master’s Weekend: A Tradition Unlike Any Other.


The Masters is the American golf tournament. It is the epitome of the elitism that comes with the great game of golf. The tournament signifies the start of spring, warmth, and Tiger’s quest for redemption. The coverage will be split between ESPN on Thursday and Friday, and CBS on Saturday and Sunday. After years of controversy-focused coverage at Augusta, from the lack of female members to the sex-filled controversy of Tiger’s private life, the focus is back on golf. Tiger has reclaimed his number-one spot in the World-Golf rankings. And is putting better than he has in a long time, currently ranked 2nd on the PGA tour. Being the odds on favorite, Tiger has the pressure he thrives on and looks to be playing well enough to capitalize on a 5th green jacket.

The Swing of Nike Golf.

Nike Golf was built by Tiger Woods. The man was the face of the company and did nothing but win for them. Nike created a whole new division off of the mans talent.  He first won in their clothing, and starting in 2001 they started making clubs, so he pitched those, too. He helped Nike gain clout by winning with their clubs, which many thought were inferior to the competitors. Now those same questions are being brought up by Nike’s newest “pitch”-man, Rory McIlroy. Rory insists his struggles with the clubs are over, but after a fall from the number 1 ranking and a mediocre open to the season, one has to wonder. Nike Golf now has two of the best players in the world, and has them looking good. They even thought Tiger had enough “club” to wear Air Force Ones in the Champions Locker-room.