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Revis Island Relocates: Jets And Bucs Finally Agree On Revis Deal.

revis islandIt’s official. Revis Island is the first piece of land mass to ever relocate. All joking aside, the New York Jets have finally agreed to trade one of their franchise’s all-time greats. Fresh out of a physical with Tampa team doctors Darrelle Revis is now officially a Buccaneer. His contract is for six years and could be worth $96 million dollars, the riches in NFL history for a defensive back. There is one catch though, none of the money is actually guaranteed. Revis has always been confident in his game. Now we get to see what type of checks his talent can cash.

The Buccaneers acquire a defensive force that is a proven commodity when healthy. He is worth the risk of this years 13th pick and conditional picks based on his roster status in coming years. In a division were he will be counted on to cover elite receivers every week, if healthy Revis could make the Buccaneers instant contenders in the NFC. Teamed with Earl Barron the Bucs will now feature an All-Pro secondary for years to come.

The Jets on the other hand are in a full on rebuild. The picks acquired were essential to restocking talent to the depth chart. The Jets simply lacked the skill players necessary to compete in the AFC East last season. With no real answer to their offensive woes the Jets had to capitalize on the proven value of Revis to rebuild. It should be another rough season for the Jets, at least with Rex Ryan it’s never dull.