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Tragedy In Boston: 2 Bombs Explode Near Marathon Course Finish Line.

explosion in bm

On a day that is usually one of Boston’s finest, tragedy has struck the Boston Marathon. There were two bombs that exploded on the final 250 yards of the marathons course. As of 5:30 p.m. EST, the Boston Globe is reporting that 2 are dead and as many as 90 are seriously injured. I will be glued to the television the rest of the day staying updated. Events like this make you reflect on the ones you love, the life you live, and the things that matter the most. Stay safe and pray for those in Boston and affected by this horrible tragedy.  For more live online coverage has a steady live stream. 


My League Pass Six Pack: Denver Nuggets.

nuggets logo

This was a freebie. I am fortunate enough that I did not have to include the high-flying Nuggets in my League Pass 5. I live in the Denver metro area and have been able to watch this high-octane offense every game of the year (quite a few live). The Nuggets are officially over Melo. There is no one that longs for his long isolations and affinity for the one-on-one game. Even if he is the most dynamic player in the league at this aspect of the game. The Nuggets have secured the 3-seed in the Western Conference which is an amazing feat after playing 17 of their first 23 on the road. This had never been done in league history, but George Karl managed to guide this deep roster through that rough stretch. Carl has them poised  to dominate and make noise at home all season.

Reasons To Watch

Fast Times at Mile High. 

The Nuggets run, run, and run some more. Karl has created an offensive juggernaut that attacks the basket non-stop and looks to run at all times. The Nuggets are second in the league in offensive pace. With one of the youngest rosters in the league (exception see: Andre Miller) and finally acquiring a perimeter defensive stopper, the Nuggets now are able to get stops which lead to exciting run-outs and a high-octane game that truly is entertaining. The Clippers may have claimed lob-city, but no one can deny that Andre Miller throws the prettiest full court oops in the game.

The Manimal!!

Kenneth Faried is a man. He is an animal. He is the Manimal. It has been a pleasure to watch someone truly just out-hustle his competitors every night. I can only imagine what this guy brings to the practice court. He seems to have a motor that is stuck in 6th gear. He has seen more minutes this season taking on a bigger role in the Nuggets overall scheme, and man has he produced. He is averaging more than 4 rebounds more this season than last in only a few more minutes of playing time. His intensity is a huge reason for the Nuggets outstanding home record. He ignites the Pepsi center with a passion just by never loafing. The kid gets it and wants to be a winner, telling an older JaVale McGee upon arrival from Washington, “We work here,”

No Passing. All Hogging.


Hello world. My name is Ryan Simmons. And I am a pick-up game ball hog. Out to get mine.  Just like Bo, I know sports. Unfortunate for my previous teammates, I don’t happen to be good at any of them. This blog is intended be my soapbox to stand on, and give a broad view on all things sports. I’ll discuss the comings and goings of the sports world without a filter. Stay tuned. This hog might get dirty.