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Russell Westbrook Out: The World Is Ending.

Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City ThunderRussell Westbrook is human after all. The Oklahoma City star has never missed a game. Not in high school, not in college, and certainly not since he came into the league in 2008. Westbrook suffered  torn cartilage in his right knee though we do not know to what extent. He will certainly be out for the rest of this series and most likely the next as well. Without knowing the true extent of the surgery it has been hard for experts to put a timetable on his recovery. This is a horrible loss for the Thunder. They must now go into Houston and try to keep hold of this series which will be much harder without their thoroughbred. Westbrook was sixth in the league in scoring this season and averaged the most assists of anyone in the top 10. The Rockets will certainly try to expose Reggie Jackson for the young point he is. This series is about to get interesting Will Durant go off for 50 a game? Will Lin play? Will this be McHale’s last coaching gig? Will Kendrick Perkins continue to get away with two-handed holds on screens?


My League Pass Six Pack: Oklahoma City Thunder.

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The Oklahoma City Thunder are the NBA’s darling child. They feature a dominant team in a small market. They are scheduled to play 30 games on National Television not counting Playoffs. That type of exposure means tons of money and exposure for that small market. Still ownership chose profits over championships claiming that small market forced them into dealing James Harden to Houston a few days before the start of the season. With Harden exploding in Houston, OKC fans might be wondering what could have been. The resulting roster has still been at the top of the Western Conference standings all year, that tends to be the case when you pair 2 of the top 10 players in the NBA. Just imagine, they could have had 3.

Reasons To Watch

Russell being Russell.

Russell Westbrook is the most unique talent in the NBA. He is an enigma. We know nothing about  him but his game and that he likes some loud choices of fashion.
Both are hit-or-miss with most people. He has many of skeptics including most notably Skip Bayless. But he also is capable of putting up stat-lines unlike any point we have seen. He plays with raw emotion and attacks the game with vigor. This makes for some entertaining antics in and around the game. That alone is the reason I decided that 30 games of the Thunder wasn’t enough. It wasn’t Durant’s sweet stroke or his quest for his 4th scoring title. It was Westbrook that made me want more. Plus “If that’s what you say Brah.”

Kevin Durant and His Evolving Game.

Durant is a born scorer. He has his sights on his 4th consecutive scoring title and is doing it without leading the team in shots. The man is becoming a PER fans biggest wet dream outside of Lebron James. If it weren’t for James, Durant would have one of the best MVP cases of any play over the last 15 years. He has rebounded and assisted at a higher rate this season than any point in his career. But Kevin is no longer being Mr. Nice guy. He seems to be playing with a chip on his shoulder this season and it has me excited to see if he takes the reigns of this team in the Playoffs.